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My journey commenced as the descendant of a highly skilled captioner and installer, inheriting a profound wealth of wisdom and craftsmanship that has defined our family for generations. Their enduring examples and hands-on guidance became the catalyst for my unshakable passion for assisting customers within the flooring industry. Beyond the profound influence of my family's knowledge and my formative years, I embarked on a personal path, amassing an extensive 30-year tapestry of diverse experiences across different roles and within various companies.

At Elite Floor covering, we are driven by a steadfast mission: to consistently exceed our customers' expectations, foster enduring relationships with both our valued clients and trusted suppliers, and uphold the highest standards of integrity and dedication to excellence.
Our commitment to this mission stems from a rich legacy deeply rooted in the world of wood, spanning over three remarkable decades.

With a heart brimming with commitment and a history steeped in knowledge and experience, we are here to transform your flooring dreams into a tangible and exquisite reality, one step at a time.

This invaluable experience served as the fertile soil from which I planted the seeds of my own enterprise, Elite Floor Solutions, in 2007. Drawing upon this lifetime of wisdom, I set forth on a mission to redefine the very essence of excellence within the flooring business.

My greatest passion remains rooted in guiding our clients from the initial vision (Point A) to the triumphant realization of their dream flooring (Point Z). It is with immense pride that we deliver unparalleled service and products, firmly grounded in a heritage of craftsmanship and fortified by over three decades of unwavering expertise.


Guide by Our Lifetime Commitment
to Excellence: honoring our family's
legacy by celebrating craftsmanship
and creating exceptional flooring.


Exceed our customer expectations with exceptional service and products.While redefining excellence in the flooring business with the highest standards
of quality and innovation.

Our Work

- Robert Molinar, Founder

" At Elite Floor covering our mission is to exceed our
customer expectations, build long-term relationships
with our flooring customers, and suppliers based on
integrity and dedication to excellence.. "

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